Monday, February 8, 2016


We had a fun weekend.  Grandma Marple came on Friday and picked the kids up early from daycare. We went out for dinner at the Chinese buffet the kids love (and it seems they always make grandma go there when she comes). Uncle Eric, Busha and Grandpa came on Saturday morning and we all went to watch Aiden's basketball game. He's getting better with his shooting, but he's like me and not very aggressive. We came home and had Deluca's pizza and it was so good. It seems we get it about twice a year, so when we do, we all really enjoy it. Aiden has been wanting to watch Jaws and it was on while we were eating, so he got to watch the end. He liked it and Olivia also was watching it. Not sure it's a movie a 3 year old should watch, but it didn't phase her at all. She asked "if the shark eats that man, will he be mad?" We all had to laugh.

We took Aiden to the ENT on Wednesday for a follow up appointment and found out he has to have a tube in his left ear for sure and possibly his right as well.  The Doc said he will take a look at the right that day (Feb. 18th) and make the decision with us.  His hearing is very poor in his left ear and not quite where it should be in his right. We are very curious to see how much better he will be able to hear after this is done. I would imagine he will notice quite a change in being able to hear his teacher and coaches. We always thought he just wasn't paying attention, but it could be he really can't hear.

We bought our Valentine's this weekend so Aiden got his for school done and they will work on the ones for daycare this week.  Of course Aiden had to get the Star Wars ones and Livi had to get the Frozen ones. Aidens come with pencils and Livi's come with bracelets.  Just what all the boys at daycare will want :)

Now we are trying to decide on what kind of cake we want for Livi's birthday.  At first she wanted just Elsa, but now she wants all the Frozen characters. She says she loves every cake we look at and they are all her favorites. I guess I'll have to narrow it down and have her pick.

I guess that's all for now. Until next time.

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