Sunday, February 22, 2009


We had a very fun weekend. My cousin Erica came over Friday night and stayed until about 4 today and my friend Laura and her son Colson came over last night and stayed until a little after 5.

Aiden was very confused as to why there were so many new people at his house, but he enjoyed all the extra attention. It was fun to watch Aiden and Colson look at each other. I wish we knew what they were thinking. I'm sure in another year or so, they'll be having all kinds of fun together and getting into everything.

It has been a long time since Laura, Erica and I have been together, so we had a lot of fun catching up. Luckily both kids sleep really well through noise because we sure did a lot of laughing, I'm dragging today though (going to bed at 3 am hurts when you are usually in bed around 9). Aiden's even taken an extra nap today and he did go to bed at 9 last night.

His 5th tooth came through finally! It's one of his top front. The other one will probably be through by next weekend. Then hopefully he'll be done for awhile and stop some of the drooling. We go through bibs like crazy. He sitting up better by himself for longer periods of time. He's not wanting to lay on his activity mat as much as he is wanting to sit up now. Well, it's time to get everything ready for tomorrow because I think I'll be in bed by 8 tonight. Here's one last picture from today.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another week gone

So it's Sunday again. Again, the last week has flown by so fast. Aiden got to go to his first hockey game on Friday night...MSU vs Ohio State. He got to see Sparty who he found to be very amusing. When MSU scored their first goal and the horn went off and the crowd started clapping and screaming, Aiden was just looking around in amazement. He just wasn't sure what all the noise was about but thankfully it didn't scare him. It was a fun night for all of us.

We just hung out at home yesterday. He was a little cranky but his top two teeth are getting ready to pop through so I'm pretty sure that was his issue. We can see the white right under the gum's so I think by the end of this week, he'll have at least one of his top teeth.

Today he got to meet his great Aunt Darlene and Uncle Dennis (below). He was excited to see them (luckily he's not making strange yet) and they were excited to meet him. We had a nice visit for a couple hours. Aiden didn't want to show them his new trick though. He is starting to clap his hands (we've been practicing pat-a-cake) by himself. We'll keep working on it and maybe next time, he'll show off a little.

As promised, I posted a couple pictures of his bath in the new tub. The first night he cried but I think he just wasn't sure why he was getting a bath in a new spot. Every bath since the first one has been much better. He has room to stretch and the water actually covers more of him. He likes his rubber ducky which he didn't have room to play with in his old tub.

Well I guess that's all for now. Hopefully this week won't be so busy and I can write more.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So the weekend is coming to a close once again. They seem to fly by anymore. We were pretty busy this weekend which makes it go by even faster. Aiden got to see both sets of grandparents which was nice. My mom and dad came over Friday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon and Andy's mom and dad came Saturday afternoon until the evening. Aiden had lots of fun with everybody but was a super tired baby by the end of the day. He was fighting going to sleep, but he finally gave in about 7 last night and slept until 6:45 this morning. He took a nice hour and a half nap around 10 this morning which was nice because it gave Andy and I time to reorganize our kitchen. My mom and dad built us a pantry for our kitchen to give us some extra storage and counter space. It really made a huge difference since our kitchen is so small. I did some grocery shopping and was actually able to put everything away and not have to stack stuff up on the top of the refridgerator.

We think tooth number 5 is on the way for Aiden. He's been drooling like crazy again, chewing on everything, and he's been just a tad cranky. We bought him an inflatable tub so we can start giving him bath's in the normal bath tub. He out grew his infant tub and this will hopefully make the transition easier for us so we don't have to worry about him smacking his head against the tub. So that'll be fun for tonight. We'll take pictures and I'll be sure to post them. Well it's dinner time and when it's time to eat, we have exactly 1 minute before the siren goes off to get everything ready. We'll write again soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sleep is wonderful!

Just in case anyone is wondering, we did all get some sleep last night. After all the excitement with the fire trucks and ambulence in front of our house (the building kitty corner from us was on fire) Aiden and I were in bed between 8:30 - 9:00. He slept until 7 this morning and he still looked sleepy. We're just so happy that he feels better!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on Today

Aiden is doing much better now. He's talking and laughing and eating better. While I had to go to work, Aiden got to snooze...not fair but Andy got a picture of him napping and he sure is cute! We're very optimistic that we all might get some sleep tonight!

Last Night

I ended up being correct in my assumption that last night was going to be a long night. I tried to go to bed but Aiden didn't allow it. Everytime we put him down, he cried. Andy tried to rock him, but that didn't work. He wanted Mama and Andy felt kind of bad but then I reminded him "When you were little and you didn't feel good, who did you go to?" and of course he said "Mom". So I ended up putting him in bed with me (not a good habit but I needed sleep). He probably fell asleep between 10 and 10:30. Andy came up to go to bed about midnight and he tried to move Aiden to his crib. That was not a good idea because the hour of sleep I got before Andy moved him was all I got until about 4:45 (did I mention my alarm goes off at 5). I felt so bad for Aiden. He only had a temp of 99.7 under the arm, but that was enough to make him feel icky. He would calm down for awhile but then he would just start crying and not his normal cry but this awful, loud scream. So then I would get up and rock him and that would calm him down but as soon as I put him down, he would cry. I changed him and fed him but nothing worked. Andy slept in the basement from midnight until about 2 ish and then he came up to see if he could calm him. The answer was no. We put him back in bed with both of us and finally about 3:45 his fever broke and he started to smile again. But of course then he was talking and wanted to play. So about 4:45 he fell asleep. My alarm went off at 5 and I reset it for 6 and hit snooze until 6:30. Andy ended up staying home with him today and when I last checked in, he seemed to be feeling better. I'm just trying to make it until 5 so I can get home and just maybe be able to get a little sleep tonight. The joys of parenthood :) But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Monday, February 2, 2009

6 month checkup

So we went to the doctor this morning and Aiden is now 29 and1/4 inches long and he weighed in at 22 pounds and 8 ounces. At 4 months he was in the 97th percentile now he's off the charts. He's doing really well though. The doctor says he's healthy. He's a little cranky tonight but I think that's because of the flu shot he received. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but I think tonight's going to be a long night. So on that bed I go.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chillin' on Sunday

Well I figure I have time again so I'd write a little more. Aiden got us up at about 6:45 this morning (not as good as 7:30 but still not bad). So we went to Meijer for groceries. Aiden loves going places because there's a lot of stuff to look at and he's very observant. When we go home, we unpacked and played a little while and then Aiden took a nap. Mom and dad followed suit. When we got up, we put him in his chair in the kitchen while I made a macoroni tuna salad and no bake cookies and Andy made BBQ beef. Aiden was pretty content to play with his toys and watch us. After we ate dinner and did up all the dishes we decided to have bath time early so Andy can watch the Superbowl. He has a lot of hair now so he looks pretty cute when he gets out of the tub so I figured we'd share a couple of those pictures. Now it's time to go pack his bag for daycare and a diaper bag for the doctor visit. We'll update you tomorrow on his size.