Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well it's been awhile again. Not too much has been going on. Probably the biggest thing is we converted the crib into a toddler bed yesterday. Aiden has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor at both sets of grandparents and has done really well with it (at least at bed time), so we figured it was time. When Aiden came into his room after Andy got the crib converted, he jumped right up on it and was super excited. He continued to run into his room and play on his bed the rest of the evening. Bed time came and once I put him down, we sat out in the living room waiting. Was he going to get out because he could or would he go to sleep? He ended up going to sleep and slept all night. We put a sleeping bag on the floor next to the bed just in case he might fall out, but he didn't. We'll see how tonight goes...

He had his first visit to the Potter Park Zoo yesterday as well. He loved it! He knew what a lot of the animals were and was excited to see these animals from his books in person. When we got to the Tigers, one was sleeping when we first got there. However, while we were staring at it, he woke up and moved around. Aiden went crazy and was roaring. As you can see in the above picture, he has a stuffed monkey who's name is Floyd. So when we got to the spider monkey exhibit, he was saying there's Floyd. It was pretty cute. The last exhibit we went to was the Birds down under. We could have skipped the rest of the zoo and he would have still been happy. He loves watching birds in our yard, at grandma and grandpa's feeders, up in the sky and he got to walk in to the birds down under and be up close to them. We bought him a seed stick and of course I was helping him hold it out to get a bird and one of the bigger ones landed on him. He freaked out a little and grabbed my leg, but still never cried. Andy took the stick and got a bird and he thought it was pretty cool. After we were in there a few minutes, he started going crazy laughing and talking. It was great. We have to thank our family friend Kayla (who volunteers at the zoo) for getting us in and giving us a great tour!

Friday, Busha and Grandpa got to watch him. Day care was closed and Andy and I had to work. They had a fun, busy day and then Andy and I got to go see a movie that night which we haven't done in awhile. Thanks mom and dad!

Last weekend Aiden and I went to Ubly to get his haircut. He had a busy time up there playing with friends and visiting at great grandma's. He learned what rhubarb was and was pretty impressed he got to bring it in the house and show everyone.

Two weekends ago we were in Midland for Andy's basketball tournament. Aiden wasn't too keen on dirt at this point but after playing in grandma's garden, he enjoys it now.

At the end of April, we got to use our Christmas present which was a weekend away and grandma and grandpa Marple would watch thing 1 and thing 2. We went to an B&B in Oscoda and had a wonderful time! I hate leaving Aiden but we needed the time away and grandma and grandpa enjoy having Aiden. And he has a good time as well! Thank you mom and dad!

Well that was the highlights of the last month or so. Hopefully you enjoy the pics and I'll try to be better about posting, but I make no promises! :)