Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long overdue

So I have been told multiple times that "there are no new pics on the blog"..."where are the Christmas pics?" etc. So I figure it's probably time to make a new post. The holidays are here and gone and I'm still wondering how it's possible that Aiden is 19 months old. Here are a few Christmas pics:

We spent Christmas Eve night/Christmas morning with Grandma and Grandpa Marple. We had a good time and Aiden enjoyed being able to tear into all the presents and not get in trouble for ripping the paper. He even enjoyed cleaning up all the paper.

We spent Christmas night with Busha and Grandpa Bezemek and again he had fun unwrapping all the presents. He definitely is not lacking in the toy department.

My friend Christy was home from Florida for Christmas so we got to spend some time with her the day after Christmas. She of course brought Aiden a present and of all was a little drum set. Just what mom and dad wanted him to have :) We enjoyed seeing her and can't wait for her next visit.

Aiden had his 18 month checkup on Feb. 2nd and all was well. He only had to get one shot (his second dose of the flu shot) which wasn't too bad. He weighed just about 28 pounds and was 34 inches long. He not off the charts (except for head circumference) but still pretty high up.

He is becoming quite the little chatterbox. He tries really hard to say a lot of words. His newest one is "butt". We always tell him when it's time to change his diaper "lets go change your butt" so now when we tell him to go to his room so we can change his butt, he says "butt". It's pretty humorous.

He never used to be interested in TV unless he saw a dog on it. Then he got the Handy Manny tool box for Christmas, so we wanted to see what he would do if he saw the show. He got really excited when the tools came on. So now when we turn the TV on, he says "Handy Manny". Thank goodness for DVR. The plus side is he only pays attention to it for a couple of minutes until he hears the song and sees the tools, then he continues playing or wanting us to read to him. He absolutely loves books. We read him at least 10 books a day (that being a slow day). He got a book titled DOG for Christmas from Santa and it's his absolute favorite. It's a touch and feel type book and he could have us read it 20 times in a row and not have enough of it. It really is a cute book though.

He's still having lots of fun at daycare. He has a lot of little friends their that he loves playing with. He got his 4th haircut a couple weeks ago. He looks like such a little boy again.

Last weekend we let him play out in the snow for a little while and he had so much fun. Porter loved it too that we were all outside. Andy made a really big snowball and let Aiden stand on it. He was a little afraid but thought it was pretty cool. We helped him make snowballs that he would throw for Porter and every time he would touch the snow, he would say Brrrrrrr.

This weekend my mom and dad came over. They had to get their Aiden fix before they leave on their cruise next weekend. The poor little guy is under the weather though. He has a nasty cough and low grade fever but at least the wheeze he had yesterday is gone today. It's not really slowing him down much though which makes me feel a little better.

Aiden has a fun new thing to do with daddy. Andy has a racing game and he gives Aiden an old controller and they sit and race. Aiden thinks he's actually playing and just sits and stares at the tv. I'm sure by next year he'll have his own games to play.

The last two pictures are from today so they are the most current we have. I think I have highlighted the majority of what we've been up to the last few months. Until next time.