Sunday, February 8, 2009


So the weekend is coming to a close once again. They seem to fly by anymore. We were pretty busy this weekend which makes it go by even faster. Aiden got to see both sets of grandparents which was nice. My mom and dad came over Friday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon and Andy's mom and dad came Saturday afternoon until the evening. Aiden had lots of fun with everybody but was a super tired baby by the end of the day. He was fighting going to sleep, but he finally gave in about 7 last night and slept until 6:45 this morning. He took a nice hour and a half nap around 10 this morning which was nice because it gave Andy and I time to reorganize our kitchen. My mom and dad built us a pantry for our kitchen to give us some extra storage and counter space. It really made a huge difference since our kitchen is so small. I did some grocery shopping and was actually able to put everything away and not have to stack stuff up on the top of the refridgerator.

We think tooth number 5 is on the way for Aiden. He's been drooling like crazy again, chewing on everything, and he's been just a tad cranky. We bought him an inflatable tub so we can start giving him bath's in the normal bath tub. He out grew his infant tub and this will hopefully make the transition easier for us so we don't have to worry about him smacking his head against the tub. So that'll be fun for tonight. We'll take pictures and I'll be sure to post them. Well it's dinner time and when it's time to eat, we have exactly 1 minute before the siren goes off to get everything ready. We'll write again soon!

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