Sunday, February 22, 2009


We had a very fun weekend. My cousin Erica came over Friday night and stayed until about 4 today and my friend Laura and her son Colson came over last night and stayed until a little after 5.

Aiden was very confused as to why there were so many new people at his house, but he enjoyed all the extra attention. It was fun to watch Aiden and Colson look at each other. I wish we knew what they were thinking. I'm sure in another year or so, they'll be having all kinds of fun together and getting into everything.

It has been a long time since Laura, Erica and I have been together, so we had a lot of fun catching up. Luckily both kids sleep really well through noise because we sure did a lot of laughing, I'm dragging today though (going to bed at 3 am hurts when you are usually in bed around 9). Aiden's even taken an extra nap today and he did go to bed at 9 last night.

His 5th tooth came through finally! It's one of his top front. The other one will probably be through by next weekend. Then hopefully he'll be done for awhile and stop some of the drooling. We go through bibs like crazy. He sitting up better by himself for longer periods of time. He's not wanting to lay on his activity mat as much as he is wanting to sit up now. Well, it's time to get everything ready for tomorrow because I think I'll be in bed by 8 tonight. Here's one last picture from today.

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