Sunday, March 1, 2009


This has been a long week. Tuesday night, Aiden went to bed about 8 pm like normal. At about 9:30 he woke up crying and it was not his normal cry. He was wheezing and had a sharp, nasty cough. He sounded horrible. Of course, being new parents and since it wasn't too late, we called Grandma Marple for advice. She heard him over the phone and said it was definitely a croupy cough. So we spent a lot of the time in the bathroom with hot water running so he could breathe in the steam. I stayed in the recliner that night and let him sleep on me so he could be more upright. We probably got up 3 times throughout the night to sit in the steam. He was a little better by morning. Andy and I both stayed home on Wednesday so that I could sleep while he took care of Aiden. The cough turned into a nasty cold, so Andy stayed home with him on Thursday and then my mom and dad came to stay with him Friday since my dad is layed off for the winter and my mom has been put on four 10 hour days with Friday's off. He hasn't had a fever at all and for the most part has been pretty happy. He's sometimes a little fussy when he wakes up but I think he's getting better. His nose is running like crazy and he absolutely hates the snot sucker. I feel bad everytime I have to do it, but I know it has to come out. Hopefully he'll get better soon. I guess we'll see how he's doing in the morning to decide if we take him to day care or if I stay home.

Here's a picture of our poor little guy this week. Next weekend we go to grandma and grandpa Marple's so hopefully he'll be happy and we'll have a better picture to post.

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  1. You're coming to Grandma and Grandpa Marple's house? If you guys get a chance give me a call! ;)