Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Teeth

So Aiden will be 8 months old on the 30th and most kids only have 1 maybe 2 teeth at that age. Not ours. He has 6 right now and his top 2 eye teeth will be making an appearance very soon. He's been a little fussy over the past few days so we looked in his mouth and sure enough, you can see white under his gum's again. I'm not sure if we should start him on Gerber 3rd foods or steak and potatoes next :)

Earlier in the week while it was warm out we took Aiden out in his stroller while Andy and I raked up the front yard. He was loving it. And with all the fresh air, he slept like a rock that night too. I think he will enjoy going for walks with Andy and Porter as it starts to get nicer out.

Uncle Eric stopped by on Saturday with Aiden's first Easter basket. He said maybe next year there will be a chocolate bunny but Aiden was pretty excited about the Enfamil.

I couldn't resist taking the below picture. He looked so peaceful and sweet I thought I would share it with everyone. To be a baby again with no worries...

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