Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So it's been awhile...

I saw somebody else post to their blog after a few years and it made me think "maybe I should give it a try again".  If nothing else, this is a good way to write down different things that happen, so the kids can read it when they get older.

Aiden is currently in basketball.  He's definitely learning a lot and improving a bit each week. We are all looking forward to this spring when we can get outside and shoot some hoops.

Olivia was in gymnastics for a little while. We decided not to put her back in because 1. we weren't impressed with the teacher and 2. she would decide she didn't want to do something or get mad when she couldn't do something and she would throw a fit. We want to try her in dance in the fall. She loves music and shakes her booty around the house, so we'll see if we can make it work.
Both kids are in swimming at the Goldfish Swim School and they both love it.  Aiden is about to be moved up to the last class before the swim team, and he is so excited! Olivia is getting close to moving up to her next class as well. Olivia is learning a lot but she's just having fun, while Aiden's goal is to get to the swim team, and he works so hard to improve each class. It's amazing to see how far they both have come in just a years time.  Aiden went from not wanting to put his face in the water to almost finishing all of the classes Goldfish offers in a year. Olivia can swim the width of the pool now, just has to work on her rollovers.

We might have a hair dresser in the family in the near future.  Olivia decided she didn't want long hair anymore and used her safety scissors to give herself a haircut. As much as she loves Elsa right now, she has been watching Tangled and wanted to be like Rapunzel at the end of the movie.

I wanted to cry when I saw how short she got the top of her head, but instead I just laughed.  It's hair and it will grow back. We took her to Fantastic Sams to try to fix it the best they could. Here is the pic of her after her haircut and below is the pic after Fantastic Sams tried to fix it.

Aiden was Leader of the Month at his school for December. They had a little presentation for them, which was nice.  We then took him out for dinner to celebrate. This is him at the presentation with his principal Mrs. Mask.
This is Aiden with his teacher Mrs. Bryde in their safari classroom. She does a lot of neat things to help them get excited about learning!
We are looking into getting Olivia into preschool in the fall. I think it will do her good and now Kendon's Pre-k is all day, 4 days a week. This makes the logistics of getting her to school and picked back up much easier!

Aiden is looking forward to playing soccer again this spring and wants to try out for the Lansing Soccer Club.  He'll play with Parks & Rec again in the Spring and then I believe tryouts are in June for the soccer club.  If he makes it, then he'll play with them going forward.  It'll be a little more competitive which I think he'll enjoy.

So that's what we've been up to. I'll try to post as often as I can. Until next time...

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