Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just Keep Swimming...

We had swim lessons last night and Aiden got moved up to the next class.  He's now in the Pro class. He was so excited and exhausted. Olivia has to become a little more comfortable with her rollover before she can be moved up.  We're hoping in a couple weeks.  Since Aiden got moved up, we got to get Culver's on the way home. Our rule is if you get moved up, we go to Culver's to celebrate (it's right across the street).  Aiden got a mint Oreo concrete mixer and Livi got cheese curds.  Here are a few pictures from swimming:

Livi with her cap on swimming across to the island.

Livi with her teacher Ms. Sara.

Aiden swimming back across the pool.

Aiden's teacher Ms. Cailyn watching his form.

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