Monday, February 15, 2016

Nothing much new to report

Since I'm trying to make this at least a weekly habit, I figured I'd better post something.  We had a pretty low key weekend.  Aiden had basketball Saturday morning.  He did awesome.  We was into it and even stole the ball from the other team.  He took it for the shot, but it didn't go in.  We are very proud of him and how far he's come. He only has 2 games left. We are hoping he plays like he did Saturday during the other 2 games.

We didn't leave the house yesterday since it was so cold. We let the kids pick what we had for lunch and diner for Valentine's Day.  We had hot dogs and peas for lunch (Livi's pick) and meatloaf and rice for dinner (Aiden's pick) and Oreo cake for dessert (Andy's pick).

We have swimming tomorrow, basketball practice on Wednesday and Aiden gets his tubes on Thursday, so we have a pretty busy week. Both kids are home with Andy today since he now gets all these days off.

Anyway, I will update later in the week on how everything went.

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