Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep again

Since the time change, Aiden has been going to bed at his normal bedtime of 8:30 but he has been waking up between 5 and 6 every morning. You could tell he was always still tired, but it didn't matter, he still got up. I know it was because that was the time he always gets up (old time). We went to Grandma Marple's house Friday night and of course he fell alseep on the way there because it was dark and he was exhausted from not enough sleep all week. It took him awhile to wake up once we got there, but once he did, he wanted to play. So he didn't go to be until around 10 that night and he only slept until 6:15. The poor kid had dark circles under his eyes that morning. I left around 8:30 to do some shopping with Erica and Onie, and Andy sends me this picture around 1.

And apparently he didn't wake back up until around 5. He went to bed around 9 SAturday night and slept until about 8. Finally, he slept in a bit. And all of that sleep must have reset him for the new time because he has gone to bed at normal time all week and has slept until after our alarm goes off. This makes us all so much happier in the morning, except maybe Porter who rather enjoyed being fed early.

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