Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I fell a little behind on blogging again.  I know everyone is really surprised about that. So lets go back a few weeks, before the snow came. Our leaves always seem to take forever to fall.  It seems half the trees in our neighborhood are bare by the end of October but ours never fall until at least mid-November. Once they all fell, we decided we needed to go rake them up. Last year, we gated off the front porch and left Aiden and Porter to play up there while we did it.  This year, we left Porter in the house and Aiden wanted to rake too. Once we got a big pile together, we told Aiden to jump in it.  He was unsure at first but then we showed him how and he loved it.  When we started to bag them again, he was mad because he wanted to keep playing. To be a kid again...

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