Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This past weekend, Aiden and I met my parents in Frankenmuth.  Andy had to work but I think he would have stayed home anyway even if he didn't have to work.  Bronners is just not a fun place for him...shopping + tons of people=crabby Andy. We left the house at 7:30 am on Saturday and were back by 3. It was a fun day though.  We got to do some shopping at Bronners before it got too packed. Aiden was amazed by all the Christmas stuff.  He really didn't get excited about any one thing, but his eyes were huge as we strolled him around. Grandpa took him through most of the store so my mom and I could shop. I have to say Aiden was very well behaved.  I was a little concerned about taking a 2 year old there but he didn't try to touch anything. Then we got to Zehnders a little after 11 and didn't have to wait to get seated. I love getting to Frankemuth early and beating the crowds.  It's so much more enjoyable. It was a very yummy lunch as usual and we ate too much as usual. Aiden loved the buttered noodles, but who doesn't? Dad and I went to a couple stores on Main Street while mom and Aiden went downstairs at Zehnders.  After dad and I got the couple of things we wanted, we met back up with mom and Aiden and went to see the horses that pull the carriages. Aiden loves all animals and was very excited to see these BIG horses up close. He even got to pet one which he thought was pretty cool. We thought about taking him for a ride but after the Uncle John's incident with the wagon ride and screaming, we thought it was way too expensive in case he didn't like it. Maybe next time. Aiden was asleep before I made it back to Birch Run to get back on the highway, and he slept the whole way home.

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