Monday, November 1, 2010


I was starting to think that Aiden really hated Halloween until he figured out the whole trick or treating thing. He didn't want to touch the pumpkins when we were carving them. He thought the pumpkin guts were gross. Porter on the other hand enjoyed them very much :) He wouldn't let us put him in a costume. We got him a Mickey Mouse costume and every time we tried to put him on it, he screamed. My co-worker brought me in her son's Buzz Lightyear costume from last year and he did the same thing when we attempted to put it on. My office did trick or treating on Friday and I figured the best we would be able to do was his Halloween shirt. Surprisingly when Andy and Aiden showed up at my office, he had on a costume but not either of the 2 we had for him. His daycare provider had a clown costume that fit him and she got him into it. I swear she is the toddler whisperer :) She can get those kids to do anything. He was a little shy at first but then he figured out if went from desk to desk people would give him candy. It didn't take him long to un-attach himself from my leg and take off running around the office. When we got home, he had to check out what he got piece by piece and ask us what each piece was. He now knows M&M's and loves them.

Saturday,we had a few friends over. Erica came and she wanted to carve a pumpkin so her and Aiden did that.  We had some food, a little to drink, played Rock Band and just had fun. We caught up with old friends and made some new ones! All in all a fun day!

Aiden even had a couple friends to play with.  Laura brought her boys Colson and Ryan. It was fun watching Aiden with a baby and how he would have no problem sharing with Ryan but when it came to another 2 year old, neither wanted to share, they just wanted what the other one had. Right before they left Aiden and Colson both sat nice together and had some peaches.

Then yesterday we weren't sure if we were going to be able to get him in a costume to go trick or treating. Our friends Larry and Lisa called and wanted to know if we wanted to walk around with them and their daughters.So at about 5:30 I made the first attempt.  I had hidden his costumes in the changing table so he couldn't see them. I changed his diaper, put a sweatshirt over his shirt and Attempt #1: grabbed the Buzz costume and put one foot in.  He realized what I was trying to do and threw a fit.  He was kicking and screaming so I took it off. I let him go back in the living room and I grabbed Mickey. Attempt # 2...I laid him on the couch and was able to get both feet and 1 arm in the costume before he was kicking and screaming so hard that I just let him go. Then I rocked him and he had his blanket. Attempt # 3 I covered him with his blanket and gut the clown costume on both of his feet. He knew I was doing something and he moved his blanket. He saw the costume and again screaming. This time we gave him M&M's to help distract him and it worked.  I was able to get both arms in (there was still screaming) and then asked him if he wanted to go wait for Cambree and Hadley outside.  That made him happy.  The screaming stopped. Why it was so difficult, I don't know.We went for about a half hour and then came home and passed out candy.

It was a very fun weekend and I think Aiden had a lot of fun trick or treating even with the hard time we had getting him dressed up. He loves playing with his pumpkin and the candy. I think everyone slept good last night after the busy weekend.  I know Porter did.

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