Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are the pictures I promised for ever ago.
So proud of his snowman

Making a snowball to throw for Porter
We celebrated Valentine's day yesterday. I made breakfast (french toast casserole) for us yesterday morning and Andy made dinner (BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and corn) for us last night.  Nothing beats hanging out with my boys all day. Since it was so nice out, we took Aiden outside to play for awhile.  We built a snowman, threw snowballs and tried to take him sledding.  The sledding part didn't last long because he fell off face first into the snow after just a couple minutes of riding and he was done. Porter enjoyed being outside with us too. He loves chasing the snowballs. We all had a lot of fun playing in the snow. After dinner we realized we didn't have anything for dessert so we decided to take a trip to Coldstone. It had been way too long since had been there.  It hit the spot! YUM! Aiden had a few bites of ours and then was wound up from the sugar. I really wish I could have the amount of energy he has.  He didn't even take a nap yesterday and he just kept on going all day. He didn't want to stop playing at bed time either.  I have pictures from yesterday that I will try to post later.

As for the rest of the weekend, I went to Saginaw on Friday night and stayed with my cousin Erica. We had some shopping we needed to get done, and I had to go to the funeral home in Freeland on Saturday. One of our friends mom's passed away. Aiden stayed home with Andy and had a "No mama party". I guess they had fun and I enjoyed my night away.  When I got home Saturday evening, Aiden was excited to see me and I was excited to see him.  I can't imagine how excited we are both going to be in May when we pick him up from my parents after being gone to Aruba for a week.

I will try to post some pictures later.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! TTFN

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