Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potty Training

So we are a few weeks into potty traing. Aiden is doing very well with it. We started trying on a Thursday when I picked him up from daycare and they told me he went in the potty a few times that day. Of course we get him home and he has the biggest fit when we put him on his puppy potty. I pick him up that Friday and he had a whole day of no accidents at daycare.  Again we try at home and he throws a fit. I tried on the weekend and he wanted nothing to do with the potty or pull ups. So on Monday he goes back to daycare and he even poops in the potty there and for whatever reason, that was all it took.  We got him home and he went on his puppy potty without an issue and wore his pull ups without screaming. Why one day he fights us with everything he has and then all of a sudden he wants to go, I don't know but I am thankful the process has begun. We did have an issue in the mornings with him not wanting to wear his pull up but we were still putting him in an overnight diaper when we put him to bed which I think confused him. He would scream "I want a diaper on" first thing in the morning when we tried to put his pull up on. So we went out and bought the night time pullups.Now there are no more diapers or issues. He started by using the puppy potty and they also have a little potty at daycare that they use. It really is a huge mess to deal with and next time I will try to avoid the little potty and just use the seat that goes on a normal toilet. We went to my parents house the weekend after he started and it's about a 2 1/2 hour ride. I knew he wasn't going to make it so we stopped about 1 1/2 hours into the ride and I was concerned he would be scared to sit on a big toilet and not go.  I was just the opposite.  He got on there with no issues, did his business (and his pull up was still dry) and was so excited that he used the big potty. He ened up using the big potty all weekend and that is what he currently uses (Thank Goodness!)  He gets M&M's for going and at first everytime he went he would get up and say I want my M&M's now. So there were days at 6:30 in the morning when I was feeding my child candy but what can you do when you told him he gets M&M's everytime he goes on the potty.  He doesn't ask everytime now, but still quite a bit. (Ok so I started this post awhile ago so now I will update you on his progress). Last Thursday, he comes home wearing big boy undies from daycare. He had one accident that day in which he learned if you pee while wearing normal underwear, not only do your underwear get wet, but your pants and your socks. He didn't like this at all. Now he wears his big boy undies all the time exccept at night (which he is staying pretty dry at night too but not enough to get rid of the pull ups). We have an occasional accident but all in all he is doing great! And now he rarely even asks for M&M's. Here are a few recent pics:

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