Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poor peanut

Poor Aiden has had a cold for about a week now.  He has a runny nose and a nasty cough. He seems to be getting better and I'm sure the events that occured on Sunday helped him a ton. We got up Sunday morning just before 8. Andy took his shower while Aiden and I rocked and watched Mickey Mouse. We rock together every morning and it is one of my favorite things. When Andy got out of the shower, he made some oatmeal for him and Aiden. Aiden hadn't been eating much for the past couple of days because of his cold. While they ate, I took my shower so we could head out to Walmart grocery shopping when I was done. I got myself ready and they were done eating. Andy said he ate quite a bit so we were both happy about that. I took Aiden to his room to get him dressed.  He became kind of whiny all of a sudden and after he was dressed he wanted to "rockie mama". So I rocked him for a bit.  Next thing I know, he coughs and then I am wearing the oatmeal that we were 5 minutes ago so happy he had ate so much of, on my shirt. Didn't phase me. I was more concerned about comforting him because at 2, you have no idea what just happened or why. I felt so bad for the little guy.We got everything cleaned up and new clothes on both of us and back to the rocking chair we went. Andy decided he was going to go to Target instead of Walmart to get the necessities, which at this point include pedialyte.  Of course Aiden not knowing better is thirsty so I let him take a sip of water. Bad idea. That sip of water with more oatmeal  came right back up. Another pair of pajamas and another blanket in the laundry. After that we went back to rocking chair and he fell asleep. I kept rocking him and loaded up Netflix on the Wii.  I started watching season 1 of Grey's Anatomy, a show I have wanted to start for awhile, but haven't had time. Only got through 1 episode and he woke up and threw up again.  More oatmeal...really why were we happy he had ate so much? New pajamas and blanket again. Then back to the rocking chair. By this time Andy was back and had the pedialyte. We gave him just a very little bit and and stayed in. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.  Time to try more. 10 more minutes, 20 more and we gave him more. It had been a little over an hour and Aiden gets off my lap and starts playing like nothing is wrong. "I'm hungry mama". I really do not want to feed him after the events of the past couple hours but I made him a piece of toast. He ate it, had some more pedialyte and says more toast mama. Really, can't we just wait a few to make sure the first piece is going to stay inside? But I made him another piece. He ate it with some more pedialyte. Andy made himself a quesadilla for lunch and Aiden wanted some of that but Andy puts hot sauce on it. So I made him one and he ate about half and then went and got a fruit cup out of the fridge and ate that. Everything stayed in, Thank God! I'm guessing he had too much drainage in his stomach from being sick and that is what caused the throwing up. He has been fine ever since. Never ran a fever or anything. And he still loves oatmeal as he has ate it the past 3 days for breakfast.

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