Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puppy Potty

A few months back, we decided it was time to at least start looking at potty's so when he was ready for potty training we would have it. It's really amazing how many there are out there. Is there really a need for a potty to play music when the child goes? We debated on getting a potty or just getting a little kid toilet seat to put on the big potty. We asked his daycare provider what she used and said she has a little potty so that is the route we went with so it would be consistent when he started potty training. We definitely did not want one that played music, talked etc. I have friends who have these and the kids just play with them to make them make noise. That narrowed it down quite a bit. It was down to a plain blue potty or the potty that looks like a puppy. I pulled both off the shelf and let Aiden choose. If you know anything about him, he loves dogs, so of course he chose the puppy potty. He didn't want anything to do with it. So I put it in the bathroom and that's where it sat for a few weeks. Then he started sitting on it while brushing his teeth. At least he was touching it now. I tried one time to get him on it. I brought it in the living room, took off his diaper and proceded to put him on it. He screamed, stood back up, turned around to shut the lid and that's when I felt a wet plop on my foot. Well apparently he was already in the process of going when I took his diaper off. Might have explained the screaming. So now I have a turd on my foot and Porter is looking at me like why is he not getting yelled at? I'm not allowed to do that in the house. I cleaned evrything up and the potty went back in the bathroom. We this past Saturday I was getting him ready for bed and I asked him if he wanted to use the puppy potty like a big boy. He said "yeah". So I was taking off his clothes and of course he had done his stinky business in his diaper already so I had to clean then up. So after I got him cleaned up, I asked him again if he wanted to pee in the puppy potty and he again said "yeah". I put him on it and he sat there for a few minutes while we read some books (I brought the potty into his room by his bookcase). He did pee and I told him what a big boy he was and made a big deal about it. He was so proud. Ten the next morning he wanted nothing to do with it again. At least it was a start. He did make pee in it one time on Sunday as well but that was it. Now I ask him and he says "no". I try to just put him on when I change his diaper but he screams. I don't want to force him. He'll do it when he's ready and everyone says with a boy, 3 is norrmal for being potty trained. We'll keep trying and see what happens.

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