Saturday, July 17, 2010


Here are the pictures I promised I would upload when I had time at home. The most recent are on top.

Today he decided he did not want the tray on his high chair...I think it is going to be time to put it away soon. He rarely eats in it anymore.

Thursday, July 15th, Aiden got to go to his first concert. Common Ground in Lansing was this week and Bret Michaels was there. I really wanted to go and since Common ground is a family event, all 3 of us went (not Andy's favorite but he enjoyed himself and made me very happy) and had a good time. You can tell by his big eyes, he was a little unsure at first but he did well and even some how managed to fall asleep (notice the cute little wrist band I saved for his baby book).

Not a great picture because we were way back but this is the stage before the show.
Here is one of Bret's buses..

This is where Aiden eats more often then not or at his little table.

Sword fighting with Grandpa...well one of them has an actual sword anyway.

He liked to hold the sword the wrong way.

Having his first pear not out of a can and he loved it.

He likes to sit at his table and write, draw, scribble...whatever you want to call it.

We may have another Star Wars fan on our hands...

Today we are at home getting some stuff done around the house. Tomorrow we are going to Grandma and Grandpa Marple's for the day. Should be a good time. I'll try to post again soon! Until then...

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  1. How come every picture of Aiden eating Porter is RIGHT at his side? :)