Monday, July 12, 2010

Case of the Summer Icks

Our poor little man is just getting over a case of the summer icks. It started on Thursday when I picked him up from daycare. He was really whiny on the ride home. We decided we were going to go to Fazoli's for dinner since we didn't have anymore leftovers and didn't feel like cooking. When we got there, Aiden wanted me to pick him up and he was shaking with goose bumps. I felt his head and he felt a little warm to me. He ate a little but not like normal. He just wanted to go so we boxed up our food and headed home. Once we got there, he just wanted to sit on my lap the rest of the night so then I knew he didn't feel good. We took his temp. and it was right about 100. So the Tylenol started. He drank plenty and slept good that night. He seemed better when he woke up. He was playing and doing his normal morning routine. So we took him to daycare and warned them about the previous night. I waited for a call on Friday but never got one. When I picked him up after work, he was laying on the floor with a blanket and stuffed dog. Connie said he didn't eat all of his breakfast or lunch which wasn't like him and he played but by himself, not with the other kids. He was a little more active Friday night but still wasn't quite himself. He went to bed like normal but then at 11:30ish he woke up screaming. He was wet so I changed him but he was still screaming. It probably took him at least 20 minutes to stop screaming and then another 40 or so to get him back to sleep. He wasn't warm or anything so I'm not sure if he had a nightmare or what, but it was pretty scary. He then woke up 2 hours later but not screaming, luckily. So I just slept with him on the chair until he woke up at 5 and wanted to watch Mickey. I let him watch one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then put him back to bed and he slept until 8:30. He was a little whiny when he woke up but got much better throughout the day. He was playing like normal, eating more and drinking like a fish. He seemed back to himself Sunday but he had a little episode of diarrhea. It only lasted a little bit so we're hoping it was the last of the "icks" getting out of his system. We'll see what happens tonight when I pick him up.

I decided I will try and write posts on my lunch hour at work so maybe I will get them up more often. The pictures will have to wait until I have time at home, but at least this way you know what we are up to. To catch you up on our summer so far:

We had a busy 4th of July weekend. We went to grandpa and busha's house to celebrate with friends and family. We celebrated great-grandma's 84th birthday, had yummy food (hot dogs, brats, turkey and stuffing and everything in between) and a water fight which is always fun. Aiden loved the water balloons and liked being squirted by the squirt guns. Aiden got to play with Bella (our friend Ruth's Shih Tzu) and he was pretty excited about that. We got to see my friend Laura and her boys, Colson and Ryan. Aiden was a bit jealous when I was holding baby Ryan. He had to be right on top of me. It was pretty cute. Grandpa made him a sand box so he played in that a lot. He took a couple hikes through the field where mom and dad had to chase after him because he was getting pretty far out. We even found out Porter is a smart dog. The first hike Aiden took in the field, Porter saw him take off and his ears went back and his tail was straight. He looked at us and then ran after Aiden. He wasn't letting his buddy get too far alone. Aidrn had a few late nights and busy days but he loved it. We didn't make it to any fireworks, but there's always next year or a Lugnuts game :)

We met up with the Bezemek side of the family in St. John's the 26th of June for my aunt Marie's 50th birthday. We had a nice lunch and visit. I rang in my 31st birthday with my 2 favorite guys. We went out for dinner and had a nice relaxing evening. We went to grandpa and grandma's the 19th of June for Father's Day. It's always fun to visit and Aiden likes to run, play and explore. And of course play with Stout.

As for the next few weeks, we are going to grandma and grandpa's again this coming weekend so that will be fun. Then it is staying home and doing stuff around the house. We will also be planning a birthday party for Aiden. We still can't believe he is going to be 2. He's such a little ham. He's starting to talk in sentences which is so amazing to us. He knows his colors (or at least red, blue, green, brown, yellow and orange) and when we read books, I have to stop when he points so he can tell me what color things are. We have a Sesame street book and he says Melmo...Red, Cookie...Blue...Bert...yellow, and for the characters he really doesn't know he has me say their name and then he says the color. He can count to 2 and sometimes 3, depending on the day. If he has 2 of something he'll go one-two shoes, one-two rocks, etc. It's really cute. He's kicking a soccer ball around, loves bubbles (in the bath, kitchen sink while doing dishes or the kind you blow), relates a shovel to picking up puppy poop because that's what daddy does with a shovel (we are going to have a little helper soon), likes playing in his pool and likes it better when Porter joins him, likes cars, trucks, tractors and trains, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny are still his favorite tv shows. He's all in all a great kid and we love every minute of teaching him and watching him learn and grow into an amazing little boy.

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