Sunday, October 11, 2009

So it's been awhile

I know it's been a long time since I've done a post. It's so much harder to do now that Aiden is on the move all the time.There's no more being able to put him in his exersaucer to play, knowing he's safe and being able to be on the computer to write a blog. He's been walking for over a month now and into everything. He took his first steps on Labor Day and now he just walks all over the place. He gets better at balancing and catching himself everyday. He's had a few good falls where he's had blood from cutting his lip open and some good bruises on his melon. He's taken a couple headers into the corners of his toy box. He's also tried reaching for a toy at the bottom of his toy box and fell in which I thought was hilarious but it scared him and he cried. I wish I could have got to the camera to take a picture before he fell all the way in. His head was in the box and his feet were dangling outside and he was hanging on for dear life. It was too funny. He does like to play inside the toy box though if you put him in there.

He has a mouth full of teeth now. Thirteen with at least one more getting ready to come through. He's eating pretty much everything we do now. He won't touch baby food anymore. He's trying to figure out how to use a spoon but hasn't quite got there yet. He will in time. He loves macaroni and cheese and he could eat bananas for every meal. He has a little food picture book and every time we get to the banana page, he points to the kitchen. If he's hungry, he gets off my lap and heads to the kitchen. We better not ever forget to buy bananas at the grocery store.

He's had about a month or so of waking up in the middle of the night at least once. We're not 100% sure why (teething, changes of going back to daycare after Andy found a job, new habit) but we're doing the best we can to get him back into the same routine everyday and he's slept through the night the last 2 nights (knock on wood - I probably jinxed us for tonight).

He tries to talk all the time. We can't understand a lot of it but he has mama, dada, doggy, rock (as in rocking chair), and huh down and we get the occasional snuggy, uh-oh, bub-bye. He even said grandma clear as day one morning and of course neither grandma was here to hear it. And we can't get him to say it again. He knows what things are though because if you tell him to grab a certain book or toy, he gets the right one, but he just can't say it yet. All in good time.

We left him with Grandma and Grandpa Marple over Labor Day weekend. I stood up in my friend Andrea's wedding so we left him Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. It was hard to be away but at the same time, it was nice to have some time alone. We had a great time at the wedding, and I think Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed having Aiden to themselves. Although, I'm pretty sure when we left on Monday, they went and took naps because as I started this blog out saying, he's on the move all the time, which means you are on the move all the time.

We've tried to go out and swing a few times this week but the rain has kept us in a lot after work. He's going to be a sad boy in a week or two when we have put the swing in the garage for the winter. Every night he points outside which means he wants to go swing. Hopefully we have a few more sunny days so I can get him out there a couple more times. I can't wait until we get our first snow and see what his reaction is to that. It should be fun, but who knows, he may hate it. It took him a long time to get used to the feel of grass before he would crawl around on it so he may not like the cold of snow. Now how do you teach a 1 year old about not eating yellow snow?

Aiden and I both are getting over being sick. We had a cold/cough. Aiden seems to be pretty much back to normal with an occasional cough in the mornings after he wakes up. I'm feeling better after getting some uninterrupted sleep the last couple of nights but I can't seem to lose this cough.

I think that covers most of what he's been up to over the last couple of months. Here are some pictures of Aiden wanting to drive Grandma Marple's Mustang.

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