Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy boy

After seeing this picture, I'm sure you're smiling because there is no way you can look at this face and not smile. We're so lucky to have such a happy little boy. He makes us laugh so much.

So at least this time it's only been a couple weeks not a couple of months. There's really not a lot of new stuff going on but I figured I'd at least put some new pics up. Right now we're playing in the basement with his barn and tractor and listening to Aiden's music. He likes to dance or booty shake as I call it. Of course I tried to get him to do it so I could post a little video of it on here, but he won't do it when the camera is on. It's pretty funny though especially as it's to songs like Baa Baa Black Sheep and Bingo.

Today has been a day of playing catch up on laundry. Of course Aiden loves to help. Some how he seems to have taken on Porter's love of socks. He sees Porter carry them around and he thinks it's funny for him to do it. At least this sock is clean, Porter loves the dirt ones.

He loves playing in his Cozy Coupe (it might not be a Mustang like grandma's but at least he can see over the steering wheel). He can only go in reverse right now but he'll figure out how to go forward soon enough.

And we can't forget about our other baby. Porter is really a great dog. As much as Aiden messes with him, pulling on his ears, poking his eyes and pulling hair out of him, he just sits and takes it. Good boy Porter :)

Next week is Halloween so I'll have lots of pictures to put up I'm sure. We're heading to Ubly to trick or treat since he's still too small to do much of it. He can just go to a few family and close friend's houses and then Busha and Grandpa can watch him while Andy and I go have some fun of our own with some friends.

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