Monday, August 10, 2009

Hair Cut

This past weekend we were in Ubly (I had my friend Onie's bachelorette party) so we had the woman who has cut my family's hair for as long as I can remember cut Aiden's. She's the one that cut my super long hair the very first time. He did much better then we thought he would. There was very little screaming involved. Of course he wiggled around some, but what one year old wouldn't? He looks so different now but very handsome...see for yourself.

Great Grandma had to come see his new haircut and he actually went to her this time!

Friday night, Aiden woke up at about 4 am and did not want to go back in his pack n play, so I slept on the recliner with him until 5:30 and then Andy took over until 7:30 when Aiden got up. Aren't they cute? He did much better on Saturday night (a very good thing for me as I was feeling a little rough after the party).

This coming weekend we get to go to grandma and grandpa Marple's and get to see Aunt Allison and Uncle Anthony. We're definitely looking forward to it! Plus I'm on vacation next week so after we leave Midland, we're heading back to Ubly to hopefully see a few people who have not met Aiden yet because we just always run out of time on the weekend trips. Well, our dinner is ready so I'm going to go eat. I'll try to post again after we get back from Ubly. We'll probably have a lot of fun pictures.

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