Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay, I know it's been awhile again but we've just had a lot going on lately. We had to find Aiden a new daycare which he started on Wednesday and we like it so far. He's getting back on a normal schedule again which is very nice. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we continue to like it.

He got another tooth. We thought he was for sure going to get his top eye teeth next but we were wrong. He got another one on the bottom. So he's up to 7 now. We've been giving him the Gerber Graduate puffs which he didn't really like at first but he's getting better with them. I'm sure it's just a weird texture for him since everything else he eats is smooth. I had to post some more pictures of him eating. I let Andy do it by himself for one day and....

We had a nice Easter at my parents house last weekend. Aiden had a good time. He had both sets of grandparents there, great grandma, Uncle Eric and some of his great aunts and uncles and lots of cousins. The Easter bunny brought Aiden a Little Tikes 30th Anniversary Cozy Coupe. I don't have a picture to post because I was using the video camera (someday Andy will get the software back on the computer so I can post videos too). I'll have to get one from one of the grandma's. He loves riding around in the car. It's a good workout for mom and dad too! We didn't have enough room in the Equinox to bring it back to Lansing with us, so my mom and dad came Friday night and brought it. I'm glad they did because it was so nice out on Saturday, we were able to have him outside. We pushed him up and down the sidewalk. Then we pushed him down to the park and put him in the swing. He wasn't too sure about swinging. He didn't cry but he didn't giggle like he does in his car. He did like the slide though. I have a feeling as he gets older, we'll be spending a lot of time in that park since it's just a block away. Here are a few Easter pictures.

Aiden has started to rock while he sits on the floor so my mom brought out the little rocker she has and he liked it but we had no way to strap him in and he's our little wiggle worm now. He does not want to sit still ever. I guess if he's anything like me, we're going to have to get another rocking chair so we can both rock and fall asleep in the rocking recliners.

He's really wanting to talk more and more. He says gagagaga and dadadadada a lot now. Sometimes it almosts sounds like he says doggie. But I guess we'll consider Dada his first word. We'll put him in his crib at night to go to sleep and for about 10-15 minutes all you can here is him talking away. I wonder where he gets that from????

Anyway, I hear him waking up from his nap and I'm sure he's going to want to eat dinner. It's not bath night but he got food in his hair at breakfast so we figure we might as well let him make a mess and give him a bath again tonight and then he'll be all clean for daycare.

Next weekend we do Easter with Andy's side of the family so that'll be fun too, I'm sure. We'll be getting back late next Sunday so the blog will more than likely have to wait until during the week. I'll try to get a picture of him in his car so I can post that as well. Until next week...

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