Monday, October 11, 2010


I can't believe it's Monday already. Where did the weekend go? Andy had to work Saturday so after he left, I started doing laundry and got ready to take Aiden for his flu shot. His pediatrician's office did a flu shot clinic from 8-noon. We got there, filled out the form and were in the room within 5 minutes. Aiden saw the nurse and of course wanted me to pick him up. I put him on the table and he started crying before she even held his feet down. Once he felt the poke, it turned into a blood curdling scream. Poor baby. I always feel so bad. He didn't cry too long though. We got home and I cuddled him while we watched Sesame Street. He was pretty mellow and happy to just sit on the chair watching Elmo, so I started in on some more laundry and other cleaning. He fell asleep on the chair. (picture is from my phone - not the best quality)

I tried moving him to his bed, but was unsuccessful. He woke up and wanted to "rockie mama" so that's what we did. It was 1:00pm before I realized I never gave the poor kid any Motrin before his shot. I gave him some and a half hour later he was running around like our normal crazy Boo. I felt so bad, but at least I got some work done around the house. He did however have a breakdown every time we changed his diaper and he saw the band-aid. I guess it made him remember the horrible horrible little poke.

Grandma came over Saturday afternoon to watch Aiden for us that evening. We got to go out and socialize with just adults. It was Andy's co-workers birthday. We got to drink beer, not sensor our conversations because of little ears and just have a nice evening out. We went bowling which we haven't done (besides for Wii bowling) in years. I still stink but Andy did pretty good. We were home by 11:30. Wow, are we ever crazy :)

Yesterday, we went shopping and found Aiden's Halloween costume. He's going to be Mickey Mouse. We'll have to wait and see if he keeps the ears on. After Grandma went home, we all took a nice long nap. All in all...a very nice weekend. Next weekend we get to go to Uncle John's Cider Mill. Grandma, Busha, Grandpa and Uncle Eric are coming so it should be pretty fun. Aiden will get to pick out his pumpkin and then we can carve it when we get home. I am excited to get a bottle of their wine. The last time we went (which has been a few years), I bought a bottle of their dessert wine and before I had a chance to drink it, I found out I was pregnant with Aiden. It ended up being given to a friend. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them on here when I get a chance.

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