Sunday, May 17, 2009

On The Move

Well it's only been a week and Aiden is already doing new stuff. He's now able to go like crazy in his walker. He used to only go backwards, but then if you held something out in front of him, he would go forward but really wasn't sure how he did it. Now he can go any way he wants to. Porter doesn't really care for this as Aiden is always trying to run him over. He decided the couch is the safest place to be when Aiden is in the walker. We keep telling him this is just the beginning of being bugged by the baby.

Aiden is also now able to get up on all fours and he rocks back and forth. My guess is he'll be crawling in no time. That seems to be how everything happens. One day he can't and the next day he is. We've started to baby proof the house. We bought all the gates we'll need to keep him safe while he's on the move. We've started covering outlets and have the the locks to put on the cupboards. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of other things that will have to be done that we have no idea about now.

Here are a couple pictures of bath time from tonight. He loves to splash around which daddy encourages. And what a hairdo daddy gave him :)

We are definitely having so much fun with Aiden. We always get a lot of laughs everyday. He gets to spend some time with Busha Bezemek on Thursday and Friday this week. Daycare is closed on Friday for the holiday weekend and since she is off, she offered to come watch him for us. Then we head to Alma on Saturday for the Highland festival. He'll get to meet some new people as well as see some family including grandma and grandpa Marple. It'll be a good time. Well Aiden is starting to make some noise, so my guess is he's hungry and then it's bed time. So until next week.

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