Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday! I made breakfast for us and Andy's mom. When we finished eating, we headed over to Potter Park Zoo for a few hours.

We all had a lot of fun looking at the animals and it was a beautiful day to be outside. Aiden loved watching any of the animals that were moving around, and wasn't too impressed by the lazy ones that were napping. He really enjoyed the goats because you were allowed to go into the pen with them and pet them. You could have fed them but none of us had a quarter to buy the food. He had to pet every goat before we could leave the pen.

He also loved watching the fish. Of course there were a couple "Nemo" fish that he was very excited about.

When we went last year, he really enjoyed the "Birds Down Under" exhibit.  You get to go into a big cage and there are sticks with bird seed on them you can buy and the birds will land on your stick and eat. This year was no different. We had to buy more sticks because he was enjoying himself so much.

We ended the day by walking over to DQ for ice cream and then hit the park on the way back so Aiden could play on the slide.

I missed seeing my dad but I called and talked to him and we'll see him on Friday at my brother's house for the St. Clair Shores fireworks. It sounds like him and mom had a fun day out in about in Port Huron.

And of course there were some tears shed because there was one dad we were all missing very much, but we knew he was there watching over us.

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