Thursday, August 5, 2010


The other night we were outside and Aiden was running around like crazy (like normal). It was pretty warm so I got Porter some fresh water from the hose. Everytime I turn on the hose, Aiden comes running to see. So of course, I spray his feet and he laughs. So I thought it would be a good idea to get the sprinkler out for him. He was so excited, running and screaming (happy screams) all around the yard while the water fell on him. So after a bit, he would just stand on one side and let the water fall on him and then when it moved to the other side he would go up to it and stick his head in it. It was pretty funny. I couldn't get him to run through it though. I decided it was time to join him and surprisingly it was still pretty fun at 31. Maybe it was because I was warm and the cold water felt good or maybe because I loved seeing Aiden so happy and excited. Either way, we both had a good time. After it started going and Porter started getting soaked is when I realized that this was going to be a messy clean up. It was worth it but Porter thought he was being so neglected having to stay in the kitchen the rest of the night until he dried off.

That night, he did use the puppy potty again and he sat on it last night but with no results. I am hoping when I am on vacation the week of the 16th, that I can really work with him and see what happens. No diapers would be wonderful...someday!

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