Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today was a perfect fall day. It was 70 degrees out, sunny and not too windy. A perfect day to be outside raking leaves. We made our front porch a little jail so Porter could be outside too but not able to run and chase the other neighborhood dogs and cats.

Aiden was napping when we first came out but after he woke up and ate lunch, he was out there with us. Porter didn't think it was very nice that Aiden could run free but he was in jail so he whined quite a bit. We thought Aiden might like to play in the leaves but we were wrong. Instead of going straight to the pile of leaves, he went to play with the rocks.

He would pick up one rock, then another. He would then bang the two together to make noise.

Then he would put those two down someplace and go get two more.

He did this for probably 15 minutes before he decided he wanted to taste the rocks. (Probably learned that from Porter too) Then he had to be put in the little jail on the front porch with Porter in fear that he might actually get a small enough rock he could swallow and choke on while we were finishing the raking and bagging. He loved it though. And so did Porter. We had to throw Aiden in the pile of leaves to get a picture and even then he didn't want to stay in them.

He did find a rake and had to play with it to try and figure out what it was.

We got the front yard done, the garage cleaned out so we could move the patio table and chairs and swing in there, and cleaned the deck off. We'll have to get the backyard next weekend and hopefully more of the leaves will fall off that tree. The one in the front is bare, but the one in the back still has1/3 of its leaves. Now we're all tired and ready for bed. It'll be an early night for at least two of us. Until next time...

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